Richard Schwier is a professor of educational technology and design at the University of Saskatchewan. It’s about the questions more than the answers.

This space gives regular announcements about educational technology, and occasionally adds commentary or opinion pieces. All items are my responsibility, and do not reflect the official positions of the Educational Technology and Design Program or the University of Saskatchewan.  Inquiries can be directed to richard DOT schwier AT usask DOT ca.


  1. Would love to send you a recent educational technology conference list, but your previous e-mail address hasn’t worked for awhile.

    However, Stephen Downes posts the list in his blog, http://www.downes.ca/; thus, people can download it from there, http://www.downes.ca/feed/132

    But, if you send me your new e-mail, I could send you the list directly.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know, Clayton. I’ve sent you an email. I’m looking forward to receiving and posting your list!

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