Clayton R. Wright’s update to “Educational Technology and Education Conferences – 2012”

It is always a happy day in my inbox when Dr. Clayton R. Wright sends his “Educational Technology and Education Conferences” update.  This list covers January to June, 2012.  I recommend you do as I do:  download it and put the information in a handy place.

Thanks once again to Clayton for this amazing service to the field!  One of these days, Clayton, we’re going to have to meet up again at one of these conferences.  I think I owe you a meal!

ConnectEd Canada 2012

ConnectEd Canada 2012 Conference

How is it I didn’t see this earlier?  I really do try to stay connected in a lot of ways, but seem to fail in the most curious ways.  Anyway, this conference looks great, not just given the topic, but for its potential to bring together a lot of people who really should talk with each other. And the format is built to make that happen.  I love that you submit conversations, not papers.  Hope to see you there. Here is some text from the conference homepage.


Welcome to the ConnectEd Canada Conference official site!  We are looking forward to hosting our first National conference to invite innovative teachers, students, and parents to share innovative practices that are happening all around Canada.  At this conference, there will be more than just presentations, but conversations on how we can continue to move forward as educators.  As we want to focus on keeping conference costs extremely low, it is imperative that YOU are ready to bring your best ideas and share them.  The conference is totally participant driven and submissions for conversations will be open on October 15.

Here are some key dates for the upcoming conference:

October 28, 2011 – Call for proposals open.

December 8, 2011 – Proposal deadline closes.

December 22, 2011 – Participants will be notified if proposals are accepted.

December 22, 2011 – Opening for registration.

May 25-27, 2012 – ConnectEd Canada Conference 2012 held at Calgary Science School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

As more details become available, we will share them on this website, and through the #ConnectedCA hashtag.

Looking forward to seeing you May 2012 in Calgary, Alberta!

Open Access Week at Athabasca – October 24-30, 2011

Athabasca University Library is participating in its third international Open Access Week – October 24-30, 2011

To celebrate the appointment of Dr. Rory McGreal as the UNESCO/Commonwealth of Learning Chair in Open Educational Resources (OER), Athabasca University is presenting a series of five noon-hour webcasts exploring major issues and opportunities presented by OER. Each session will feature an internationally known promoter and developer of open educational resources, research, or ideas. Everyone is welcome; please join us for these webcasts. For more information, please contact Tony Tin, Head, Digital Initiative and Electronic Resources. E-mail:, Phone# (780) 675-6486.

Please visit the links below for more information on each presentation, presenter’s biographies, and to find the links to the Adobe Connect Sessions on each day.

Click on: Launch Webcast
From noon to 1 p.m. MST

Monday, October 24th- Fun and Fear in Open Spaces
Presenters: Dr. Terry Anderson, Dr. Jon Dron

Tuesday, October 25th- Post Secondary Leadership in the OER Movement
Presenter: Dr. Frits Pannekoek

Wednesday, October 26th – Making Sense of Complexity in Open Information Environments
Presenter: George Siemens

Thursday, October 27th – Panel on Moving to Open Educational Resources at Athabasca University
Presenters: Dr. Lisa Carter, Dr. Cindy Ives, Tony Tin, Colin Elliott

Friday, October 28th – OER’s and Sustainable Innovation: Low Cost, Low Risk but High Impact
Presenters: Dr. Rory McGreal, Dr. Wayne Mackintosh

These presentations are among many events taking place internationally to highlight Open Access Week.