Final Call for Papers IRRODL Special Issue “Outcomes of Openness: Empirical Reports on the Implementation of OER”

Call for Papers

IRRODL Special Issue
“Outcomes of Openness: Empirical Reports on the Implementation of OER”

is call for a special issue of IRRODL focuses on concrete results that have come from the adoption and implementation of OER in K-12 and post-secondary environments. We speci cally seek research that describes actual results of OER implementation; all accepted papers will focus on or report recently-conducted research and be 5000 to 8000 words in length. Suggested topics include (but are not limited to) the following issues:

Use: Do teachers who adopt OER modify it/them? Do students use OER di erently than traditional resources? What pedagogical bene ts (if any) occur because of the “open” in OER?

Outcomes: What happens to student performance when OER are adopted? What happens to enrollment rates? Are there any metrics that suggest that OER make a di erence?

Perceptions: How do teachers and students who use OER perceive their value? When students or faculty blindly compare OER and traditional materials (without knowing which is which), do they perceive di erences in quality?

Cost: How much money was saved by adopting OER? Does the money saved account for time spent identifying, modifying and integrating OER?

Access: Can we quantify how access increased because of the OER adoption? Did more students access learning materials than they would have without OER? If so, what are the results of that increase?


September 15: December 1: February 1, 2017: Spring 2017:

Guest Editor:

Submission of articles due Response to submissions Revised submissions due Publication

John Hilton III, PhD, Brigham Young University.
Please contact Dr, Hilton with any submission questions:

Please see also IRRODL’s policies and review process.


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